Defensive pass interference rules apply from the time the ball is thrown until the ball is touched.

In the fourth quarter, with the Broncos leading by 17, Denver receiver Bennie Fowler ran a short comeback route and was defended by Desmond King. As the ball was in the air, King clearly contacted Fowler and most Broncos fans figured it would be an easy DPI call, erasing the ensuing interception.

Except, it wasn’t DPI by rule. Despite Fowler claiming an official admitted he missed an interference call, he didn’t. (In fact, what he probably said was “I didn’t see that,” not “I missed the call).

It is pass interference by either team when any act by a player more than one yard beyond the line of scrimmage significantly hinders an eligible player’s opportunity to catch the ball. …

With Bradford out, the Vikings had to call on Case Keenum — 9-16 as a starter all time — to lead the Minnesota offense. He performed as well as could be expected, needing 37 passes to throw for 167 yards and failing to find the end zone in a 26-9 loss. While Dalvin Cook was able to continue his budding rookie campaign with a stellar 5.3 yards per carry, he only earned a dozen touches as his team played from behind the entire game.

Minnesota is hopeful Bradford will return to the lineup for a Week 3 game against Tampa Bay, a team who rolled Chicago in their season debut. The Vikings need to dial up the firepower to avoid falling under .500 early in the season, and they’ll need Bradford to do it. No team that has ever started Keenum has ever made it to the playoffs.
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