John Harbaugh hopeful Joe Flacco will return from concussion protocol by Sunday

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has a “good chance” of playing Sunday against the Tennessee Titans after suffering a concussion last week, coach John Harbaugh said Monday.

Flacco is not experiencing any concussion-related symptoms right now and has been at the Ravens’ facility every day, Harbaugh said.

“We’re very hopeful for this week, and it will be in the hands of Joe and the doctors to decide what we can do,” Harbaugh said. “We’ll get him ready to play if he can play. That’s all you can really do.”

Harbaugh reiterated his position that Alonso’s hit on Flacco was illegal because the quarterback was defenseless once he slid. The Ravens also have not heard from the league as to whether Alonso will be fined or suspended.

“It’s really not a concern right now in all frankness,” Harbaugh said. “It’s not going to impact our game against the Titans.”

But in the bigger picture, attempting to pass off no-names, has-beens and never-would-be’s was an egregious perversion of the service provider construct. The NFL intentionally put something less than its best product on the field. Of all the objections that fans might have had at the time, never before could they have argued that NFL teams weren’t trying to win.

The decision also damaged the league’s future leverage with players in labor standoffs. The games were so bad that no one could reasonably fear this tactic ever being employed again.

Things finally got going in the second half and the officials weren’t as much of a factor. For that, we’re thankful.

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