Lakers blow 17-point lead as Raptors spoil Ball’s birthday game

Lonzo Ball wanted to be serenaded by his rookie teammates to Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” and get a win over DeMar DeRozan and the Raptors for his 20th birthday.

Redick’s relationship with the Sixers may only last one (lucrative) season. If he signed a longer-term contract, Redick would have explored a more stable housing situation for his family. For now, he has a one-bedroom apartment near Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station—equal parts accessible by train and I-95—where he’ll stay on game days. There will be no elaborate man cave decorations, no stash of cheat foods and late-night snacks. “I’m in sort of a bare bones, minimalist, essentialism sort of mind frame in just about everything in my life right now,” Redick says. In Philly, the only thing of concern is returning to the playoffs, sweet-shooting dad in tow.

Anyone who landed at McCarran International on Monday night was greeted immediately with #VegasStrong messaging above the escalators from the terminal down to baggage claim. Elsewhere, casinos around town shared similar notes on video boards that might typically be used to advertise drink specials or concert dates.

On the field, Houston closer Ken Giles continued to lose his confidence and, ultimately, his job. Given Giles’ ongoing struggles in the postseason, it’s hard to imagine Hinch using him in anything close to a high-leverage situation once the series shifts to Los Angeles.

Through it all, the Astros keep plugging away with the belief that the next offensive outburst is just another game, inning or at-bat away. They haven’t always made it easy on themselves, but they seem to find a way.canadiens_398_6f5baf9f451fa5c1-180x180

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