Tarasenko added his second goal at 12:21 for a 6-1 lead. Schenn scored on a power play at 14:37.

Amid the mix of heartbreak and happiness from both events that followed, the Spyteks became committed to honoring Evelyn’s memory by starting their own CMV movement. Kristen quit her marketing job to create a non-profit organization — the National CMV Foundation — that later merged with three similar associations to create a larger advocacy platform.

The ultimate goal is developing avenues that can help lead to congenital CMV becoming curable. The National CMV Foundation website also offers screening suggestions, support for those dealing with it and suggestions on how to minimize the impact.

Tarasenko added his second goal at 12:21 for a 6-1 lead. Schenn scored on a power play at 14:37.

No college football team has been worse against the spread this season than Florida State, which entered this past weekend with a 0-9 ATS record. It looked like the Seminoles were going to easily cover the massive spread against an overmatched Delaware State until both teams agreed to shorten the third and fourth quarters to 10 minutes apiece.

Sanctions imposed by Manfred leave the Braves unable to bargain at full strength for a top Latin American prospect until 2021.

Manfred said MLB’s investigation determined the Braves funneled extra signing bonus money to five players in 2015-16 by giving the funds first to another player considered a foreign professional under baseball’s rules and having the money redistributed to the other five. If the money had been counted for the other five, the Braves would have exceeded their pool by more than 5 percent and been restricted to signing bonuses of $300,000 or under for international amateurs through June 15, 2019.

Atlanta braced fans for the sanctions when team chairman Terry McGuirk apologized to fans “on behalf of the entire Braves family” for the rules violations at the news conference to introduce Anthopoulos.


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