Well, now the EHC is considering its own “Leggio Rule” to prevent this level of sneaky chicanery from happening again.

Perhaps the most unexpectedly popular members of the group were linebackers Micah Kiser of Virginia, in Atlanta to accept the Campbell Award as the nation’s to scholar-athlete, and Courtney Love of Kentucky, winner of the Wuerffel Trophy as top community servant.

“Listen, I understand where the fans are coming from,” McAdoo said. “If I was on the outside looking in, I’d feel the same way they feel. You know Eli and I have a tremendous relationship. I think the world of him and it was hard for me emotionally. The beginning of the week, once you make a decision, you have to stick with it and I appreciate the way Eli handled things this week.”

For finding another venue for his trademark move on a breakaway — and for probably forcing another rule to be changed in his honor because of it — congrats to David Leggio, the best player in the world of the week.

The Vikings have averaged 26 points during their eight-game winning streak and gained at least 300 yards in all of those contests. Minnesota’s offense ranks No. 5 overall, putting the club on pace for its best finish since Brett Favre led the unit in 2009.

And the Vikings are doing this with a quarterback who isn’t exactly Pro Football Hall of Fame material himself.

A new GM makes things less certain, but I’d lean toward New York honoring the contract for one more season, especially since Vernon is young. That bounce-back year is a reasonable expectation.

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