Karablog: What to make of Hanley Ramirez’s hot start

Fantasy baseball newcomers might not recall, but once upon a wondrous time Hanley Ramirez was one of the top statistical options in the sport.

Dick Hoblitzell at first base is nothing special, but he’s an average player at his position, and every team in 1918 should have a guy nicknamed Doc around. (Spanish flu joke.) But if you want to replace him, well, Stuffy McInnis at third base is a more natural first baseman, and he was a perennial MVP candidate before the MVP award was canceled.

The bottom line is this isn’t a team crying out for another first baseman or corner outfielder. Meanwhile, it’s not as clear that we have the rotation depth to lose 350 innings from Babe. We could walk you through the implications to the pitching depth chart, but this memo seems like it’s getting long. You don’t really want to read 600 words on how reliever Sad Sam Jones’ numbers would translate into a starting role, do you Cool, cool, let’s move on.

To win games in 2018, the Dolphins need a balanced offense that controls tempo and time of possession. Incumbent tailback Kenyan Drake impressed last year with almost five years per carry, but he’s a smaller back with 166 career carries through two seasons.

If Drake breaks down and Gore is the Dolphins’ only insurance, Tannehill is going to be looking at a ton of second-and-longs this fall.

In a first-floor exhibit room at the UNLV International Gaming Research Center, blackjack tables, roulette wheels and the latest slot machines were on display for students and guests to examine. Two floors up, in an executive boardroom, Mark Davis sat in a tan leather swivel chair, listening intently at one end of a conference table.

Outside the windows, the skyline of the Las Vegas Strip, with its massive casinos, could be seen on the horizon. It’s the epicenter of American sports betting, but was it a fit for the NFL The topic was on the table.

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